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OT-DE2.02Pro ONTRACK DataEraser 2.02 Professional [DataEraser enables you to easily, quickly and permanently delete all of the personal, confidential and critical data on your hard drive. It permanently deletes the information by actually overwriting all of the data on your hard drive - never to be recovered - so you can feel confident that sensitive information is completely eliminated.] 399,45 € 330,12 € 1.382,09 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-DM2000 ONTRACK DiskManager 2000 [Disk Manager helps you through the entire drive installation process - from correctly connecting the drive to your system - through complete electronic installation - to automatically migrating your files. Graphical interface intelligently leads you through the entire process. No long technical support calls, no searching through thick, complicated user guides to find the correct jumper settings or BIOS upgrading procedures.] 59,58 € 49,24 € 206,16 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-DR-NW ONTRACK Ontrack DataRecovery for Netware [ODRN can recover and protect your valuable data, minimize downtime and save your company money. Developed, tested and used in our data recovery service labs, ODRN software is specially designed to give system administrators continuous access to network data and help prevent potential problems before they occur. With ODRN, you can protect and recover your NetWare volumes easily and confidently.The license is for one server.] 535,08 € 442,22 € 1.851,38 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-ER6Com ONTRACK EasyRecovery 6.0 commercial license [Professional version with single user license for commercial and consulting use.] 1.095,64 € 905,49 € 3.790,92 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-ER6Corp100 ONTRACK EasyRecovery 6.0 corporate license [Professional version - Up to 100 computers] 1.093,68 € 903,87 € 3.784,14 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-ER6Corp50 ONTRACK EasyRecovery 6.0 corporate license [Professional version - Up to 50 computers] [Professional version with license allowing use of this software on every computer within organization. The price depends on total number of computers in organization.] 919,24 € 759,70 € 3.180,57 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-ER6Corp500 ONTRACK EasyRecovery 6.0 corporate license [Professional version - Up to 500 computers] 1.460,20 € 1.206,78 € 5.052,30 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-ER6CorpUnl ONTRACK EasyRecovery 6.0 corporate license [Professional version - Above 500 computers] 2.189,32 € 1.809,36 € 7.575,06 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-ER6DR ONTRACK EasyRecovery 6.0 DataRecovery [EasyRecovery DataRecovery is a simple, yet powerful tool that recovers data that is lost, inaccessible or deleted. It is the ultimate do-it-yourself solution for nearly all causes of data loss where your hard drive and system are fully functional. It allows you to recover lost or deleted data - files, folders and complete partitions - quickly and easily.] 217,56 € 179,80 € 752,76 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-ER6ER ONTRACK EasyRecovery 6.0 EmailRepair [EasyRecovery EmailRepair™ repairs and restores corrupt files into new readable files. It's a complete repair and restore solution for corrupted Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express files.] 292,04 € 241,36 € 1.010,46 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-ER6FR ONTRACK EasyRecovery 6.0 FileRepair [EasyRecovery FileRepair™ repairs and restores corrupt files into new readable files. It's a complete repair and restore solution for corrupted Microsoft Outlook, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Zip files. Requiring less technical sophistication than many software applications, EasyRecovery FileRepair is a cost-effective solution for your data loss needs.] 364,17 € 300,97 € 1.260,02 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-ER6Pro ONTRACK EasyRecovery 6.0 Professional [EasyRecovery Professional contains the most advanced data recovery, file repair, and disk diagnostic capabilities available. EasyRecovery Professional includes all of the great EasyRecovery Data Recovery and EasyRecovery FileRepair features and benefits, plus the superior disk diagnostic including Ontrack Data Advisor®, and advanced data recovery capabilities and options.] 583,69 € 482,39 € 2.019,56 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-PC1.1biz ONTRACK PowerControls 1.1 Business (up to 250 mailboxes) 1.818,88 € 1.503,21 € 6.293,33 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19
OT-PC1.1std ONTRACK PowerControls 1.1 Standard (up to 100 mailboxes) [PowerControls™ is a tool for copying and searching mailbox data directly from an un-mounted Exchange database (.edb) file. It lets you restore single mailboxes, individual folders, or any number of messages and attachments to any mailbox on the network or directly into an Outlook .pst file on your local drive. PowerControls works with your existing Exchange backup software and allows you to quickly and easily restore message-level items from any previous full backup. You can also easily search and create copies of all archived email that match a set of criteria based on keywords, recipients, senders, dates, and search for all files as they appear in Microsoft Outlook - calendar items, tasks, notes, journal entries, etc.The license is for one Exchange server and the price depends on amount of mailboxes.] 1.209,32 € 999,44 € 4.184,25 Lt 0 0 2004.04.19

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