Wimax products and solutions for Lithuanian market


For our clients (WISP providers, operators) we offer complete range of products for combined wifi and deployment wimax solutions.  Among the vendors we want to mention Proxim wireless, Axxcelera, Winetworks, Zyxel. Wimax compatible antenna manufacturers Mars antennas, MTI wireless.  

We can do all planning and design works, test in tha lab the equipment, distances calculation, etc. It is possible to save up to 300% base stations quantity, if good wimax + wifi project  planning is done. Base stations quantity depends on the frequency used, and the same problems has biggest providers, like
Clearwire.  It is possible to make connection stability up to  999. We evaluate  landscape, air, lower earth surface, water/earth angles, polarisation, height.  It is very important in unlicenced band, because there are many problems with illegal or some self installed other equipment. If somewhere in the network are "grey" equipment, without filters it can be burn out, cause of too much big power.  So to wimax/wifi network design and planning must be paid careful attention.  

At the moment Wimax is more used like backhaul connections, between buildings or for corporate users (companies), and for CPE is used wifi equipment. Wimax is missing at the moment cheap CPE, so the massive usage and deployments will start when cheap (< 100 usd) CPE will be available.  For a moment more used is so called fixed wimax (in rural areas, connecting of buildings, corporate usres who for some reasons do not have access to wired broadband). Wifi n (300Mbits) standard will be used inside buildings.  In Lithuania and Poland at the moment is not free 2.5Ghz band, only 3.5Ghz for Wimax.  Quite good and cheap combination at the moment is Proxim wifi worp 2.4Ghz/5Ghz + Axxelera wimax (full duplex) technology, and inside building Colubris AP (they have real speed 70Mbits).  Later it can be extended to 2.5Ghz mobile wimax 802.16e technology.  But keep in mind, that mobile Wimax (or WiBro) and so called fixed Wimax are quite different technologies.

Axxcelera ExcelMAX platform that is offered today is a fixed 802.16d profile. It does not need ASN gateway to operate.  Strong point is very good full duplex operation (one of the fastest in the market) and quite reasonable price for CPE and BS.   Axccelera uses Sequant chipsets, which work better in full duplex mode, than other competing chipsets; 3.4-3.5Ghz, 250 clients are supported per sector, speed is 4mbits if  full duplex; up to 15km distance signal works in real life conditions; all
Axccelera equipment is tested in the lab (testing environment was  one base and 10-20 pcs. AP connected, each has 2-4Mbits speed).  According to requirements,  we can test other configurations.  Axxelera wimax solution costs mush cheaper, when you need increase throughput, for ex. Alvarion for this takes quite big money.

winetworks-logo.gifWinetworks offers complete mobile Wimax 802.16e solution (cpe, base stations, management software, etc).  It is quite new vendor.  But it uses standard Cisco ASN gateway platforms, so its possible to integrate with existing wimax networks, for example Alvarion based solutions.

proxim-logo.gifProxim makes many interesting products, base stations with wifi/wimax and mesh combination. Proxim is very strong in wifi, Worp technology, and uses this to integrate its wifi technology into wimax products, they can be used for backhaul connections between base stations.

mti-wireless-edge-logo.jpgMTI wireless Edge Ltd. is the main supplier of wimax antennas to Alvarion,  and many  others.  MTI offers Flat Panel Antennas for WiMAX, Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP), Point-to-Point (PtP), and Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) applications.  MTI Wireless Edge is a World Leader in design and manufacture of advanced antenna solutions, with a proven track record of over thirty five years. MTI product portfolio includes a broad range of off-the-shelf as well as custom design antenna solutions. 
MTI offer BTS as well as CPE antenna solutions complying with the most demanding international standards.  MTI have more then 150 different standard antennas in all sub-11GHz applications, including CPE, BTS and Omni Antennas. MTI also offers Smart Antennas for WiMAX Base Stations and WiMAX indoor CPEs including MIMO solutions and Dual Polarisation and Dual Slant antennas. Additionally, MTI offer a unique product called Integrated Antenna Enclosure (IAE) which would allow our customers to integrate their own radio solutions with this Enclosure and our Antennas (like Mikrotik routing products).  Last year alone 2007, MTI  manufactured in excess of 600,000 antennas. As a matter of fact, MTI are probably the leading WiMAX antenna manufacturer. More on MTI wireless products ... >>>.

mars-antennas-rf-systems-logo.gifMARS antennas
are very good in wifi field, and has many patents in antenna technology.  They are sure one the best in its class. They make omnidirectional, sector antennas, repeaters for GSM operators, Wimax antennas. 

Additionally we offer core switching solutions, based on Cisco and Allied Telesis.
For traffic management (bandwidth limitation), peer to peer management (P2P)  we offer traffic managers, up to layer 7, there are solutions up to Subscribers 1 mln,  Concurrent flows iki 240 mln.  
Phion for VPN/firewalls and managed services we offer Phion enterprise firewalls, strong point is complete graphical management for thousands if nodes, intelligent traffic management.  This firewalls are used really for big applications.

For backhaul connections we offer Bridgewave, Dragonwave, Ceragon, Exault products.  

Bridgewave is very reliable backhaul connections equipment. Bridgewave uses 60ghz or 80ghz frequencies. Very reliable, better than fiber optics in loop connections.   It is cheaper to make loop ring than fiber optics. Price is about  25K eur one link (2 points); 1km optics price 15-20k eur / km, so by air it is cheaper than by fiber (please ask for latest price, because they are constantly droping down, there some vendors, which offer about 8K + VAT usd for one link for the same speed);
does it depend from air conditions? Lithuania, Poland and neighbouring countries are in the same climate zone, so it works here (we can send tests from real working links if you are interested). In Poland government wants to allocate cahnnels for these links (licenced).  Later these bands will be sold in the whole Europe.  
Bridgewave solutions are good for universities (gigalinks), in campus proximity and similar applications.   
Dragonwave (Canada company) is used for mission critical backhaul connections, integrated ip backhauls, speed 400mbits, licence 13-38ghz, distance ~40km.  There is sold 300 links in Pakistan, for reliable application.  Dragonwave is very good for 10-15km distances, 6-38ghz; really works in  200mbits/400Mbits spped; 800mbits is not available so far.   exalt-logo.gif
Exault equipment strong points: backhauls in unlicenced band 5.2-5.7Ghz band, one unit, meets restrictions up 1W on power; separete ip traffic and voice traffic, for telecom operators is already prepared; cellular providers connects towers, media traffic is sent separately from voice traffic; up to 0.5 mili seconds switchover, which is important for voice  operators; we can advice how to plan redundancy, risk management;  hot standby units, when connecting to working AP.

For prices or bigger quantities, or stable supply contracts,  ask sales@matrix.lt.

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