Registration of items/RMA, work order status

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Our registered clients or clients which have signed service and other agreements benefit by saving their time, as they are serviced faster. There are several types of registration of failed item.

- locally at our service center, where to each item is assigned Repair No. (RMA number) by a service person, when you like to see Work Order or Warranty repair status just call in a few days or wait for our service manager call;
- at the site http://www.remont.lt , where dealer or client can register the item and obtain RMA/work order number before sending the item to our service center. This site is for all serviced items. Here you can check your work order/repair no. status on-line.
- for data recovery media status, we operate the site http://www.duomenys.com .
- for software products purchases please register at http://www.opensoft.lt.

Currently the most popular is local registration of an item/RMA/work order at our offices, but we expect registration through web sites will become more popular.

A client as well can discuss his problems, or suggestions in our discussion forum:
- Under construction Lithuanian language;
- Under construction English language.

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