Questions to answer before you send a hard drive (hdd) for data recovery to our lab

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- Data recovery questions before your bring in to the lab;


1. Hdd or media manufacturer, exact model, firmware version, date of production, serial no., DCM number (for WD hdd). Sometimes, but not necessarily, we need the same model of the hdd (usually if it is hardware problem). So if you or your company has the same model, please ask us whether we could need it. If possible before sending to us physical hdd, take a photo of your hdd from the top, bottom and sides and send for us by e-mail. This will help us to find the right donor if needed. The photo should be clear that we can see model number, firmware, DCM and other information, important for data recovery.
2. Hdd or media capacity (KB, MB, GB, or TB).
3. Hdd or media operating system, its version, file system used (if some special, for raid, some linux file systems).
4. Hdd or media usage in RAID array or as a separate hard disk or media.
5. Description of a problem, for ex. hdd is not found by computer BIOS, some noise is hearable, partitions are not mounted, files are deleted or corrupted by viruses, files are accidentally deleted , etc.
6. Exact names of the files, folders needed for recovery, with paths of a folders, appoximate size of needed files and folders, what files and folders are most urgently needed and most important for rescue.
7. When data is needed to get back? Deadline for your data to get back?
8. Models of adapters, the hdd or media were used, if special. Possibly, but not mandatory, we could ask you to bring the adapters (controllers) which were used with these hard drives. Names of special programs and applications (data security, mounting) used with these hdd or media, any passwords which could be needed in data recovery process.
9. Sometimes, but also not mandatory, we need software which were used with the data, to check recovered files for their consistency (for ex. Navision data bases, and some other databases, etc.)
10. What steps were taken at home or in other data recovery companies, labs to rescue your data? Was a hard drive opened in not clean room? Are you sure that other companies not corrupted your hdd modules, heads intentionally etc.?
11. When the hdd or media were scanned for bad sectors, defragmented? How many bad blocks in MB are in a disk?
12. Very important is packaging when hard disk is physically damaged (especially heads). Please package very carefully before sending to us. The best is antistatic material, if available manufacturers packaging, the covering material around hdd must be at least 5cm thickness, the box must be ruuged ant at least twice of size of a hard drive or media. Do not use materials that attract static electricity, such as Styrofoam, keep away from magnetic fields. If hdd was damaged in fire or water, do not try to dry or moisture it. Better send as it is - the possibility to recover your data will be higher.

If your hard disk is broken or not working, you need data recovery in Lithuania or Baltic states, please write to service@matrix.lt or call +370-698-39001, +370-674-88995.

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