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Data recovery work references from Lithuania

2007.01.24, Kelionių centras (Travel center), UAB (Filaretai travel), http://www.filaretaitravel.com
Order No. 3717
: hard disk model Seagate U series 5, 20gb ide, ST320413A, p/n 9R4003-316, firmware: v3.11, s/n 5ED2QAFP, Rivilė Solo application for accounting.
Failure according to a client: have got defected/broken down our accountants hard disk with 3 years of entered book-keeping data, we are using Rivile Solo accounting software application. The computer itself is about 4 years old. The Rivile‘s data were about 425MB, the application takes about 90MB of space. The break-down as stated: bios sees this hdd ok, but the folders are not possible to open; if it would be success to read the data, we will need to copy it to new 40-80GB ide hdd; „Data“ folder if the most necessary; and of course other folders, if it possible to read them.
Failure found: there was found in Seagate disk many bad sectors (during last time it is quite often illness of Seagate), and for that reason it is not possible to open needful folders, and even Windows system is not loading correctly. Data using our special equipment were read during 24 hours, has been made clone of the disk, and client have tested the correctness of data by loading real book-keeping software, he uses Rivilė – and everything worked fine.
Testimonial: Our accountant person is very happy – after data recovery she shines like a young moon, by that is said everything, because she was very afraid after failure.
Darius Smalskys, sales manager

2007.01.08, Merck Sharp and Dohme,UAB (MSD), http://www.merck.com
Order No. 3609. Suddenly has broken down our hard disk which was used by our one of company leaders in his laptop, hdd model TOSHIBA MK4026GAX, 40gb hdd2193 F ZE01 T; s/n X4DF9458T 4H7 EC.A. The data needed as usually as fast as possible.
Failure according to a client : all documents are needed, but mostly pst files with e-mails, their sizes are from 600MB to 900MB, as there are several pst files, the mail is used constantly in work process.
Failure found : there was seizure of a spindel motor, and donor hdd will be needed, because platter transplantation wil be necessary. The donor was found in the same day, physically hdd was prepared for reading, the data was read only after second change of heads, reading was carried out by using only one head in time, and by taking turns. After that logical data structures were fixed, and all data was presented to a cient, without logical errors (checked).
Testimonial : Our pharmacy (drugs) company uses MATRIX UAB services in data recovery not the first time, and as the first time all services were carried out fast and in high quality.
Žygimantas Kocius, Baltic IT Manager

2006.11.23, M.Gumbrevičiaus PPĮ GELSVA , http://www.gelsva.lt
Order No. 3336 , in server corrupted two scsi hard disks:
1. MAXTOR ATLAS 10K IV 36gb U320 SCSI, 8B036L0020611 AAA, code: CO0207XX; s/n B2DD8ENM NGCXX 1641; probably in this disk there are data about our clients , electronics PCB model A2HBA F531MKE.
2. IBM Ultrastar 9.1GB SCSI MLC: DS0S93, p/n 07N3220, model DDYS-T09170, s/n DXLAH093; 9gb it seems that this disk will be a system disk.
The problem is that in BIOS both of these disks are not seen; electronics PCB model 07N3655 F80146-LYA038-04ZW; 003298L; HDA model VTS ir DXLA H093.
Problem according to a client : we need data from indicated folders, need to recover D:\users folder, containing about 2GB of data (doc, xls, may be photos); it seems that Navison database was restored from copy, so maybe DB is not needed, it was about 30GB in size.But later our admin checked, and said that copy he had of Navision database was quite old, so we need to recover it as well. The name of Navison file is klaipeda.fdb.
Failure found : MAXTOR scsi disk had seizure of spindel motor and was not spinning at all, probably motor has broken from long wear and heat. IBM scsi hdd had problems with electronics (PCB). Both of failures were fixed and all data sucessfully read.
Testimonial : At the moment Gelsva is one of the biggest wholesale companies in Lithuania, carrying food products and as well doing clean water manufacturing and distribution. The company has branches in all country.We represent to local market brands like Fazer, Gilette, Dirol, V5 and many others, producing pure water Žaliagiria (web page www.zaliagiria.lt) , expanding our own vine stores network www.Vynoteka.lt , and so on. In our Klaipėda branch server suddenly has failed two scsi hard disks, in which there were all sales Navision database, and our workers xls and doc files, needful for work. Without this information, our branch work would be paralised and it would take very long time and efforts to enter a new data. We outright have applied to company Matrix UAB, which is specializing in data recovery field, as we have heard very good responses regarding recovery, and specially of Navision files. To our big happyness all necessary data were rescued during one day after we have applied to this company. We have checked the files, tried to load then to real Navision and everything worked fine. Thanks for high quality job.
Robertas Beinartas, IT project manager

2006.09.18, Villon, UAB - Le Meridien Villon Resort, http://www.lemeridien.lt
Order No. 2844. Hard disk Toshiba hdd 40gb ide 2.5" MK 4018GAP.
Reported malfunction: in China two years ago some company have repaired this hdd, and probably it was opened there, technicians noticed some dust inside and wear of heads, due to dust.
Found malfunction: Original heads block was damaged, due to wear cristals were broken, hdd was recalibrating and thumping. It is quite rear occacion of thumping in this type of hdd, because SA is inside processor. After first HDA change it was quite difficult when reading data. After second change it was possible to read data, there were found bad blocks in MFT area and this area was read with special equipment. After some very special heads cleaning procedure, it was possible to read all data from this hdd.
Testimonial: To Whom It May Concern, Dear Sirs, This is in reference of Matrix Company. Specially for the services provided to me. The Company was capable of retrieving the data that was on my defective laptop hard disk drive. ALL data was recovered. Their services also included provision of new HDD and copying the data on a data safe external hard drive. I can recommend their services to anybody who might be in the unfortunate situation as I was. Further to this included their services free of charge pickup of device and delivery to my premises which is 20 km outside of Vilnius. My special thanks goes to Mr. Virgilijus Dovidas who was extremely helpful and who communicated with me in English language.
Kindest Regards, Wouter Liekens, Executive Chef, Le Meridien Villon Resort

Data recovery work references from Poland

There are the first successful results in cooperation between two member companies in Lithuania-Poland region of data recovery. Marek Jakubovski from MiP data recovery wants to thank our lithuanian technical specialists for help in recovery the most difficult data recovery cases. The companies have been served by our technical help and expertise are:

Client name
Reference document (from Poland)
East News sp z o. o., Swietojerska 5/7, 00-236 Warsaw, www.eastnews.net
23 Baza Lotnica
Computerland Polska (Computerland Poland)
Energocenter Sp.z.o.o
FIAT Bank Polska S.A.
Instytut Wysokich Cisnien Polskej Akademii Nauk
Wydzial Biologii i Ochorny Srodowiska Universytetu Slanskego (Faculty of Biology and Environment Protection University of Silesia)
Politechnika Warszawska - Wydzial Inžynierii Produkcji - Instytut Mechaniki i Konstrukcji
Politechnika Warszawska - Wydzial Inžynierii Srodowiska - Instytut Zaopatrzenia w Wode i Budownictwa Wodnego
Starostwo Powiatowe w Tarnowskich Gorach
Komenda Powiatowa Panstwowej Strazy Pozarnej w Nowym Dworze Mazowieckim

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