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Extreme Networks Business Benefits:  Extreme Networks versus competitors

- Allied Telesis networking products ;
- Cisco systems / Linksys core networking products , routers ;
- Cyberoam UTM, firewall, network protection products ;


Matrix UAB as direct partner with Extreme Networks provides you information, comparison of ExtremeNetworks to competition:

Why Extreme Networks is better than Cisco?  Extremenetworks_MSBusBenft_vs_Cisco_1417_01g.11170.pdf
Why Extreme Networks is better than Juniper? Extremenetworks_MSBusBenft_vs_Juniper_1444_01.11171.pdf
Why Extreme Networks is better than Foundry? Extremenetworks_MSBusBenft_vs_Foundry_1469_01.11172.pdf

Speaking in general, if your are switching core network, and need really fast L2 switching, use Extreme Networks instead of Cisco.

If you have project with  Extreme Networks networking , please ask  sales@matrix.lt

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