About MATRIX UAB, the company

We are registered and started to work May 25, 2000 year.
Private capital is 100000 LTL (fully paid in 2008 years).
Turnover is growing in 30-40% per year.
We specialize in data recovery, hdd repair, other media data&information recovery (usb flash drives, cards), electronics equipment manufacturing, systems integration, networking and network security products, web sales and rare goods supply.
Since 2003-2004 we have our own laboratory for hard drive and other media data recovery.
Since 2006 we have formed an alliance with Polish data recovery company MiP data recovery.
Since 2006 we bougth new data recovery equipment which can handle more than 300 data recovery instances per month.
Since 2006 installed our own clean room. Below see some of the our own clean room facilities.
Since 2006-08 we have increased our share capital to 100000 LTL, in order to invest more in data recovery facilities and equipment.
Since 2007 we are eSoft network security products direct channel partner.
Since 2008 we started actively deal with networking equipment, like Engenius, Ubiquiti networks, Straigtcore, Fortinet, Phion, Allied Telesis, Cisco, etc.
Since 2009 we are official authorizes AVAST antivirus (ALWIL software) reseller in Lithuania.
We are for ~3 years German based company Winnov video security systems, and video storage direct partner.

Here is MATRIX UAB turnover during 2000-2008 years, in thousands of LTL. In 2008 it was 7.3 mln LTL.

For a time being, our main focus is on :
- network communications field, especially wireless network and video/audio communications, wireless broadcasting (we service some national wireless providers);
- Data recovery services and data warehousing. Here are some our client references for data recovery ...>>>.
- Also one of the main focuses of our company is repair services of various equipment, like laptops, printers, copiers, lcd monitors, electric devices like UPS.

Our competences:
we are operating in service field as a company more than 7 years, as people more than 15 years;
we have 6 highly trained technicians with over 10-15 years experience;
we gave more than 7 trained sales persons;
we have 2 dedicated project managers;
we have 1 certified MCSE engineer;
we have 3 data recovery engineers;
we have 3 dedicated notebook/laptop service and repair engineers.

What we can and what we want to do?
we can operate as service and repair center for ups'es/electrical equipment, laptops, pda/palms, radio stations, sound equipment, and similar devices;
for that we have full infrastructure: trained technicians, service managers, web site for RMA registration, equipment, fast and good service;
if you are manufacturer and interested in cooperating with us please write to info@matrix.lt

Information for investors:

we have working for more than 9 years since 2000, and have good client base (mid range and goverment institutions);
we have operating site http://www.deze.lt, which shows online more than 79K items, connected online with more than 15 local distributors;
our site http://www.opensoft.lt , shows items imported by us directly (not all);
currently we are creating catalog of IT products http://www.infobox.lt ;
we have several more good web names, like http://www.domenas.lt (web hosting), or www.copy.lt
we have several our own hosting servers;
we are interested in selling of 51% of shares, or 100%, if you have offer for buying shares, send mail to info@matrix.lt .

MATRIX UAB specialists have shown good skills in other fields, and well known makers like ASUS, INTEL, MICROSOFT, SAMSUNG awarded our company with sertificates: 

allied telesis sertificate matrix uab



Our some part of clean room for data recovery:

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