MATRIX UAB wireless networks solutions, data recovery, notebook service and other services

MATRIX UAB focuses in hi-tech, services and repair (warranty and post warranty), wireless networks integration, wired networks prokects, IT intelligence, which include:

- Wireless networks design for WISPs, installation, preparation, service, maintenance (wifi, wimax);
- Wired networks design for ISPs,  project preparation, analysis, billing systems;  
- IT services, under service level contracts (fixed reaction time);
- Data recovery services;
- Repair services for all kinds of laptops, notebooks (under no warranty), cell phones;
- Data warehousing and data storage services;
- Repair and calibration of various kinds of electronic equipment;
- Repairing of peripheral equipment like computer monitors, printers, copiers;
- Repair of sound and video equipment, like hi-fi, mini systems, digital cameras, players;
- Installation of radio stations for trucks; 
- Equipment for cars engine checking, diagnosis;
- Installation of audio-video equipment for bars, and restaurants (like screens, video switchers);
- CB radio stations mounting and installation for trucks, security systems installation;
- Service and maintenance under contracts computer networks with fixed responce time;
- Artificial intelligence oriented goods managemant system.

As we have very good service engineers and technicians, we have developed good repair and service process management system, we are looking for manufacturers, who look for establishing good-quality and fast warranty and post warranty service for their brands, cooperating with our company.

We wellcome manufacturers, which want to have good reputation, responsive and quick-moving service centers for their brands in our region (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland).

Regarding service contracts, please write service@matrix.lt .

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