Some remarks concerning data safety

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Some companies or persons deliberately damage data, even very well known names in this industry. This is done usually when they cannot recover data or client asks to return back his media or hard disk drive, due to very high price. Be aware!

It is not rare thing, when a client brings his hard disk or other media for data recovery, not agrees with a price, asked by a data recovery company, and demands to return back his hard disk drive. In this case a data recovery company, is not happy with this case, when a potential client refuses to pay asked amount of money. Sometimes this amount is not so small. Sometimes, in such cases some companies could damage specially some unique hard disk drive modules in service area or other places. This is done for purpose that other data recovery companies could not recover data any more.

For today, in Lithuania, Poland, other central Europe countries there is no law, handling corruption of vital modules of hdd as crime. For this reason any of companies, especially bigger ones, can use their technical advantage and knowledge, as concerns clients media.

Below there are some of examples in our practice (real names are not mentioned):
1. Quite often there are brought to us hdd, with completely destroyed or changed modules, which are unique to these hdd. After checking of structure service area of these disks, it is apparently visible, that before us some company was trying to do all actions, in order after that company NOBODY could recover data or any information, which was on that disk or media. In other word it destroys vital modules, which are needed for accessing data!
2. In some cases hdd are damaged physically. Even in these cases it is possible by 100% accuracy to say, if it was failure of hdd itself or done specially! These cases sometimes happen due to a technician inaptitude, sometimes it is done specially. There are many of such cases when hdd were damaged specially, in order other company would not be able to recover data: some particles were added, head holder was bent etc.

What to do in such cases?

You may be know, that professional companies, like MATRIX, Uab and MiP data recovery, having special equipment, should do:
a) FULL copy of service area (with modules, tracks, and not only for report to a client, but for DATA SAFETY!).
b) FULL pictures of outer surfaces of your hard disk, and if hdd were opened before in other companies or at home, full pictures of inner view of hdd.
c) Photos and pictures should be made after opening a hdd in any laboratory. Reports of dust particles must be presented to a client, after opening hdd in clean room.

We think that a client has right to ask for these reports and pictures after initial inspection of media.

If your hdd was in other data recovery company, and came back with no recovered data, we invite you to bring to our labs your hdd (hard disk drive), we will check completely it, FREE OF CHARGE, and produce full examination. It hard disk drive was opened , we will make inner pictures (photos) with a client staying by side, in order to clarify, what was the status of hard disk drive when it came back. Quit often, when hard disk drive are returned without dust collectors, with crooked magnetic reels, with various extraneous particles, which are not usual in normal use. These steps could be done only deliberately.

This promotion is done for clients data safety – in order other companies artificially do not damage data and information.

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